Nov 23, 2014

Transformer Auction at Kratzen Art Center DC

Thanks to everyone from Transformer for having me 
in the auction for the third consecutive year.
(I'm in the orange hat)

Jul 24, 2014

TT the Artist's new music video!!!

I made the background art and was
creative director for TT the Artist's new video!!!
Wouldn't be possible without Quadulum Jukebox

Jun 26, 2014

Current show @Metro Gallery Baltimore MD

"general zod" 36"x48" acrylic, latex, and spray paint on masonite

"hall pass" 36"x48" Acrylic, tempera, and spray paint on masonite

"i'm a fan" collage and painted frame
"crawfish" collage and painted frame

"let's make it nice" 36"x48" acrylic paint on masonite

"little house" collage on masonite
"when I think about you" collage and painted frame

"i'm lovin' it" 24"x24" acrylic and spray paints on canvas

"rest in paradise" roughly 36"x48" acrylic and spray paints on canvas

"sail away" disassembled reassembled found painting

"space museum" disassembled reassembled found painting

"wheel of misfortune" 24 tiles when assembled are 8ftx8ft
glitter, glue, and paint on masonite

"the locker room" 24"x48" Acrylic, tempera, and spray paint on masonite
"michelle leslie brown" collage with painted frame

"shhh" collage with painted frame

Jun 25, 2014

May 22, 2014

Station North CSA presentation @the Chicken Box

Thanks Russell and Jason from the Windup Space
for nominating me to be a part of a very cool, hopefully annual project.  

Feb 27, 2014

"brown girl island" I made for my brother a couple years ago

The island itself is carved high density foam that's flocked with grass.  
Resin, dry leaves, sticks and birch bark was used for the base.

Thanks Lauara Sesana for the interview and kind words!

check out the full article and rest of the blog here...

Jan 4, 2014

my concept butterfly house

I designed and made this for fun....I carved the stone walls 
out of high density foam with a dremel.